Your Power-Application – How to switch ON your well-fitting job and comfortable life, American Edition


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The „POWER-Application“ is a brand new strategy for your unsolicited application that now is available on the American and English-language market, too. No matter, if it is your first application, if you apply because of unemployment, career development or career change – it leads you goal-oriented step by step in order to reach two objectives: your well-fitting job in accordance with a comfortable life.


As a personnel consultant and developer, coach and supervisor with more than 30 years professional experience I confirm like many other professionals too, that written applications are weak and grossly inefficient.
Mostly it‘s not more than the hope to land a lucky strike. And, be honest: there are much more letters of refusal than invitations for an interview, that come back – and very often only letters of refusal!


The POWER-Application is an easy and clever, but very strong strategy WITHOUT WRITING ANY LETTERS OF APPLICATION!

But it‘s even much more than only not writing any applications.
It combines various expert knowledge of personnel consulting, language and communication studies, basic psychology, brain research, sales psychology, success coaching, etc., that often only is used in very expensive consultations, to a unified concept for your application.
However you don‘t have to delve into it but only apply the results. It‘s like driving a car: you don‘t first have to study how to build a car and how the engine works – you only have to drive.

For example:
You want that persons responsible in a company shall choose YOU! The POWER-Application uses knowledge of brain research to find out how people decide. What happens in decision making processes? What do people need to decide upon „this“ and not upon something else? If you know that, then you can make the persons responsible to decide for YOU!
Only this one example already shows the POWER of this m i g h t y s t r a t e g y.

… and you need a clever strategy – for one thing, because the job market is very tight, for another thing that you will not get lost in the shuffle! The competition is very hard and there is hardly scope for inefficient trials.

Another example:
Do you know, that about 68% to 80% of all vacant posts are not publicly advertised? On the other hand almost 70% to 80% of all job seekers only look for publicly advertised jobs. How about you belong to the few job seekers who apply to the great number of jobs, that are not advertised? Only this fact means a p o w e r f u l m u l t i p l i c a t i o n of your chances!

As your personal helping coach this ebook contains concrete methods, worksheets and graphics for you to work out, how your ideal job and comfortable life shall look like and how you can get it. Therefore –

switch on your well-fitting job and comfortable life!

No matter how you will decide … .
I wish you the best of luck and success!

Sincere regards,

Bernhard Bley

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Your Power-Application – How to switch ON your well-fitting job and comfortable life, American Edition


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