Joyfit Home Exercise Workout Bar|Door Safety Cap with Perfect Door Frame Fit|Chin up Bar with Easy Installation| Long Foam Grips for Upper & Lower Body Exercises for Men & Women


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Product Description

Joyfit Pull Up Bar MOD 2Joyfit Pull Up Bar MOD 2

Joyfit Pull up Bar MOD2Joyfit Pull up Bar MOD2

Joyfit LogoJoyfit Logo

Joyfit’s innovative chin up bar is the perfect home workout equipment for muscle building and strength training. The high quality materials combined with the ergonomic design provide you an outstanding workout experience.

Joyfit Doorway Workout Bat

If you wish to have stronger arms, pull ups and chin ups are some exercises that you just cannot ignore. The Pull up bars are an ideal tool for performing intense upper body workouts at using one’s own body weight.

The Joyfit Pull up bar is one of the best workout equipment designed to provide efficient pull ups, all within the comfort of one’s own home. Constructed with high grade carbon steel, our pull up bars help you with the most effective pull ups at home.

Strong And Durable Frame

Safe & Stable

Handle up to 100kg of weight

Adjustable Door Length

Secure Locking Mechanism

Key features

Joyfit Sturdy Material

Joyfit Sturdy Material

Non Slip Foam Grip

Non Slip Foam Grip

Secure Brackets

Secure Brackets

Joyfit pull up bar

Joyfit pull up bar

The Joyfit Pull Up Bar is made with a high grade Carbon Steel Frame which can support upto 100 kg of body weight without deformation. It can handle any intense exercise with faster repetitions easily.

The Foam Grips provide easy holding and good grip while performing workouts. The thick foam also provides additional comfort to the palms. The foam grips are made extra long to help with both narrow and wide grip pull ups.

The Joyfit pull up bar comes with efficient screws with brackets for efficient mounting. You can mount the pull up bar with the screws if you want a permanent fix and without the screws if you are looking for a temporary set up.

The soft anti-skid silicone mats protects the frame from bending or cracking. The silicon mats also protect your door frame from getting scratched due to any displacement of the workout bar.

Joyfit Extendable Pullup barJoyfit Extendable Pullup bar

Joyfi Pull up bar How to InstallJoyfi Pull up bar How to Install

Step By Step Guide on Fixing the JoyFit Exercise Bar

Method 1 (Without Drilling)

STEP 1: Mark the desired position in the doorway & attach the rubber caps at both ends of the workout bar

STEP 2: Twist the sides of the bar in a clockwise direction to elongate it and fit in the right position

With this Method, the workout bar can be removed from the door easily after workout. If you frequently change your workout place, this feature is beneficial for you.

With this method, our exercise bar carry up to 70kgs of body weight.

Method 2 (With Drilling)

STEP 1: Mark the desired position on the doorway

Step 2: Attach the plastic knob using the screws provided

STEP 3: Attach the rubber caps on both ends of the bar

Step 4: Twist the sides of the bar in a clockwise direction to elongate it and fit the rubber caps in the right position

If you want a more long term fixture, this method is perfect for you. Additionally, our workout bars can carry up to 100 kgs of weight easily.

Develop Muscle & Strength at Home

Joyfit Pull Up Bar

Joyfit Pull Up Bar







Pull Ups

Pull ups are one of the most fundamental body weight training exercises. Pull ups engage your chest, shoulders, back, arms and core muscles and are extremely efficient for both muscle building and toning.

Warm Up

Warming up and stretching of the muscles prior to the workout prepares them for the upcoming stress. This helps reduce the risk of injury and helps build muscles.

Push Ups

Push-ups help target your chest, arms, and shoulders and develop muscles. There are many variations of push ups to focus or target different muscles such as core and back muscles.

Sit Ups

Sit ups mainly target your core and help build your abs. They also help burn a lot of fat from the belly area and help with a great posture.

✅ ENSURE MORE SAFETY WITH SAFETY CAP- JoyFit home workout bar features a safety cap along with the fitness bar which can be inserted in the door frame and then the fitness bar should be locked inside to ensure premium grade safety with no chance of loosening. It helps to prevent rotation which ensures more safety. It can easily hold up to 100 kg of weight. But, the specialty of Fitness Bars is that even if you don’t want to install the safety cap it can easily hold up to 70 kgs. of weight.
✅ TURN YOUR HOME INTO A PRIVATE GYM – Joy Fit Home workout bars can be easily fixed at different heights in between your doors for each workout. It’s convenient & quick installation within 30 seconds, helps you enjoy your exercise at any time. It’s strong grip and flexible approach gives you a wow like feeling thus enhancing your lower and upper body workouts. It’s also perfect for a variety of exercises including chin-ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups, crunches, and other exercises.
✅ FEEL THE COMFORT WITH OUR LONG GRIP HANDLE:Joy Fit Home workout bars are made of carbon steel. According to the research and the test, the different grip distances can be used to exercise different parts of muscles. So in the concept of ergonomics, this latest design product, we used the non-slip and extra-long foam grips to ensure the comfort of your exercise and can be applied to more exercises. We also have increased the thickness of foam grips to provide the chin up bar with extra comfort.
✅ WIDELY USED FOR VARIETY OF EXERCISES – JoyFit Home workout bars are Ideal for carrying out a variety of exercises like Workouts, Fitness, Chin-ups, Hanging leg raises, and other exercises.It helps you to strengthen the major muscles in your arm thus ensuring proper physique shapes. It helps you to become fit and strong by helping you to perform many exercises including chin-ups, hanging leg raises push-ups, dips, situps, and crunches.

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Joyfit Home Exercise Workout Bar|Door Safety Cap with Perfect Door Frame Fit|Chin up Bar with Easy Installation| Long Foam Grips for Upper & Lower Body Exercises for Men & Women


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