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ASTRECA Fan Cleaning Brush with Long Rod |Fan Cleaning Duster |Microfiber Fan Cleaner |Dust Cleaning Brush for Home (Multicolor)


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Bust dust with unique dusting heads and a telescoping pole!

No more chairs or dangerous ladders to climb on. Clean and dust your window blinds and ceiling fans the safe way.Boasting a fluffy microfiber wand, a bendable duster, and a handle that extends over 60 inches, this 2-piece dusting set ensures you can reach every nook and cranny!The microfiber duster picks up dirt, dust, and hair like a magnet.The Microfibers are super-absorbent and absorb 8 times their weight in water.It is great for you to clean your car, auto and also can be used for daily household chores like cleaning window blinds, ceiling fans, bookshelves, etc.The material of the head is a microfiber and the pole is made from stainless steel, hard to break, and long service life.Microfibers become electrostatically charged with use, thus attracting more dust. Get rid of dust, pollen, animal hairs and all bad particles that can affect your health in a bad way.



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Microfiber Duster Head

The microfiber head holds on to the dust instead of spreading it around.

Extension Handle

A long handle allows you to reach high hard-to-reach corners easily.


The microfiber head can be easily cleaned with a machine wash.

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Make your life easier

This microfiber duster is so efficient and easy to use, you’ll almost feel lazy! You’ll be finished with the job in a fraction of the time!

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Unmatched capacity

This duster has an unmatched capacity to pick up and hold dust so you can clean better

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Soft touch

The duster’s microfiber head covers large areas and traps dust without the help of harsh chemicals.

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Wide range of use

The duster is suitable for cleaning dust in a car, computer, air conditioning, TV, and other household appliances, cleaning the dust from the sofa, table, cabinet, etc.

Suitable for cleaning up the dust in the car, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, sofa, table, cabinet and many other appliances and devices.Suitable for any narrow or inaccessible places such as chandeliers, cars, computers, photo frames, plant leaves, furniture, bookshelves, blinds, wine racks, etc.
The brush is made of superfine fiber, it owns strong water adsorption force which can easily adhere dust, dirt, hair to provide best experience in household cleaning.
Rod Extendable upto 5 feet.
Color: Assorted (Color may vary) | Package Contents: Pack of 1 Microfiber Duster/Broom

Price: ₹ 899.00 - ₹ 329.00
(as of Oct 24,2021 18:06:00 UTC – Details)

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ASTRECA Fan Cleaning Brush with Long Rod |Fan Cleaning Duster |Microfiber Fan Cleaner |Dust Cleaning Brush for Home (Multicolor)


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