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  • Interior designers have shown us what decorations are soaring or plunging in the 2021 bedroom trend.
  • According to it, sage green bedding and vintage screens take the space to the next level.
  • Experts say that decorated and accented walls may be obsolete.

The bedroom is your sanctuary, so it’s important to decorate it properly.

Insider asked a professional interior designer about the 2021 bedroom styles and trends that are out of fashion .

Sage green bedding brings calm to the bedroom

According to Next Luxury interior designer Andra DelMonico , bedding in this color is gaining in popularity. If you are planning to get best interior designing idea then you must try best interior designing contractors.

“Sage greens are gentle, soft and sophisticated,” said Delmonico.

“It’s a basic green for adults.”

Match it with soft colors such as pale yellow, cream, and pastel pink. The shade can also be used for other bedroom elements such as cushions and chair seats.

Bed frame with canopy makes the bedroom elegant

Dramatic bedroom decorations , such as canopy bed frames, are the trend .

“The canopy creates an elegant atmosphere,” said Delmonico.

“Especially the steel canopy is stylish and has plenty of light.”

Delmonico suggested that white bedding should be used for contrast and modern beauty when choosing steel products and the like.

Vintage screen is practical and beautiful

Screens are great for partitioning space, creating privacy and dampening sound, and vintage ones are especially good for decoration.

“These screens can give the bedroom an Old World style while at the same time separating the space, which will be very useful in 2021,” said Delmonico.

You can even hide your bedroom desk or stand behind your bed to create a unique headboard.

Peelable wallpaper is a non-destructive and convenient way to decorate

Michelle Harrison -McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design says that this simple decoration method is becoming more popular.

“Peelable wallpaper is a popular way to decorate your bedroom,” says Harrison McAllister.

“It also extends to the ceiling.”

Decals and wallpapers that can be peeled off are also ideal for children’s rooms and rental housing where decals need to be replaced.

Natural texture will be popular in 2021

Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior is the chief interior designer of Design Kobi Karp (Kobi Karp) , the bedroom of the style of this season is to said to contain many of the elements of nature.

“By using rustic shades and textures, the bedroom can feel like a comfortable and safe space for anyone who wants to escape the everyday world,” Carp said.

Fabrics such as linen and cotton are good choices for bedding. Also, wood and rattan furniture create a natural atmosphere.

On the other hand, the bedding on the set may look outdated

It’s time to consider throwing away bedding, pillows and curtains of the same color .

“The trend for bedding with the same pattern is over,” said Harrison McAllister.

“In recent years, personalization of the bedroom has become more important.”

Instead of buying a set, why not decorate your bedroom with several different textures and colors.

Accent wall epidemic may end

According to Carp, the trend for accent walls (walls that are different in color and material from other walls) is declining rapidly.

“Accent walls tend to set decoration policies and limit options,” Carp said.

“Depending on the color used, the room may look small. “

To add a touch to your bedroom without paint or wallpaper, use a statement headboard or hang an oversized piece of art.

Industrial materials often look cold

Industrial design has been popular for years, but this edgy, hard metallic taste is becoming obsolete.

“The bedroom should feel warm and cozy, and the industrial finish feels inorganic and cold,” Carp said.

Industrial design elements such as Edison light bulbs and concrete may be replaced by rounded fabrics and furniture.

The lamps on the left and right of the bed are over

Paired nightstand lamps have been a classic option for years, but the popularity of clean surfaces can wipe them out.

“Wall-mounted lighting is a great way to get the same feel as a nightstand, but cleaner and cleaner ones are the trend,” says Harrisson McAllister.

If you can’t get rid of the bedside lamps, a small dimmable light can help clean up the nightstand space and create a more peaceful environment.

Bright lights are no longer preferred

According to Harrison McAllister, bedroom ceiling lights (such as giant chandeliers and funky pendant lamps) are being replaced by softer alternatives.

“The bright overhead lights in the bedroom are restless and ruin the tone of the bedroom,” said Harrison McAllister.

She also suggested that if ceiling lighting was the only option, shade it for a softer light. It’s also a good idea to replace the bright light bulbs in your existing luminaires with darker warm-colored light bulbs.

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